"Hey, Chris and Alex, do you remember the name given to the super-continent which eventually spread apart to form the continents as we know them today?"

"Yes, Dad, it was Pangaea.  Dad, isn't it kind of sad to think that Wegener died poor, alone, and rejected by the Scientific community?"

"Who's Wegener?"

He's the guy who first came up with the theory of Pangaea!"

"How do you know all this?"

"Mom taught us."  Hearing this, Mom joins the conversation.

"Chuck, what do you think?  There are Creationists who don't buy the Pangaea theory."

"Well, how else would man have gotten from continent to continent?  They didn't have ships back then."

"What?!  The book of Genesis talks about the great civilizations before the flood.  Of course they had ships."

"Let me rephrase, how else would man have made it from continent to continent before jumping ship if their wives were there, yipping at 'em the whole trip?"