Today, you are invited to enjoy a pabulum of goodies sure to make any palaverist salivate.  We will feast our brains on anatomy-speak, á la Gooblink.  Following is a selection of words that put "names" to those parts of the body you hitherto articulated as "thingy," or "doohickey."

Like, that stringy muscle under the tongue which keeps it inside your mouth...most of us, anyway.  I don't think Gene Simmons was born with one.  That little flap is called a frenulum, pronounced fren-yoo-lum.

Or, have you ever wanted to warn a friend that she has a dried flake of something dangling just inside her nose off that skinny bone separating her nostrils?  And it's just fluttering there, with each inhale and exhale?  Well, that piece of cartilage is called a vomer, pronounced vawm-er.  Now you can say, "Ew, Sue, there's something hanging off the left side of your vomer."

How about that flesh covered protrusion between your face and your ear opening?  Sometimes if I have an itch deep inside my ear, I can rapidly depress that thingy with my forefinger and the itch goes away.  Only, from now on, I don't have to call it a thingy, because I know it is a tragus, pronounced tray-gus.

Now take a look at the palm-side of your hand.  See those deep lines at the wrist, caused by flexing your hand?  Those are called rasceta, pronounced ra-see-ta.

Okay, same hand.  Now look at the back of your hand with your fingers flexed.  There's what looks like a web between your index finger and your thumb, right?  That's called a purlicue, pronounced:  pur-lee-cue.

There you have it!  I'm stuffed, aren't you?  Now, go work up a sweat playing a lively game of Scrabble!