Pronounced:  Bal-BRIG-uhn

Definition:  Plain knit cotton fabric used especially in underwear.  It’s named after the  Irish port city, Balbriggan, where it was first made.

I chose this word for a couple of good reasons:  first, I like the way it sounds -   balbriggan.  See how it rolls off the tongue?  Second, it’s a perfectly innocuous word which, for those of us who don’t cuss, can easily double as an expletive.  Listen, doesn’t it sound like a something a pirate might growl as he’s swabbing the deck?  “Ar! Ya swabble be makin’ a balbriggan mess on me poop deck!” 

Hey, offer me an opportunity to meander through the plentitude of the English language, spice it with juvenile humor and honey, I.Am.There.

How you might use the word balbriggan:  1) When you order your kids for the umpteenth time to pick up their balbriggan dirty clothes and toss them into the balbriggan basket; 2) you remind your ill-humored mother-in-law not to get her balbriggans in a bunch; 3) you’re in line at Wal-Mart with your husband and he’s eyeing up the lady in front of you whose wearing jeans so tight you can read the balbriggan label.