My official word count is 7001, and today I was able to knock out nearly 3000 words in about two hours.  That first 2000 word exercise was a killer - taking nearly 6 hours to compose and began with far more perspiration than inspiration.  I'm so glad I pushed through that first day because the story is becoming much easier to write.

The characters are leading the way as they tell me who they are and what makes them tick.  I'm learning to trust the process.  When I started this project on Monday, I had no real clue how to stretch the simple bones of a story idea from my imagination to the page, nor how those bones could possibly develop into more than a blurb.  The flesh of the story is in the development of the characters.  They are the story.  Just as the presumed coincidences of real life culminate to an event intersection point of two or more people, so will this story develop.

Make no mistake - what I've written so far is far from great - even good - writing.  NaNo has handed me a pass to write a sh*tty first draft and I'm claiming it.  November is for brain dumping; revisions will come later.

It's exciting; even exhilarating.  What took me so long?