Last Month I signed up to participate in the "sister swap" hosted by Home School Blog Awards .  I swapped with Jocelyn and she hit on all my favorite things!

The generously sized mug is perfect for my hot beverages.  In my profile, I had indicated that I drink a lot of coffee.  Lots. Of. Coffee.  Turns out, beginning January 1st I quit drinking coffee. (Oh, come on...I felt the concussion as all of you who know me collectively fell off your chairs.)  Truth is, I had been drinking way too much coffee, so I decided to fast from drinking it for a month.  That's another story, though.  This vessel dispenses green tea, just as well!  december swap gift.jpg

I also mentioned that I love candles.  Coffee and candles; Jocelyn struck another chord by sending me a yummy Hazelnut coffee scented candle.  Mmmmm.

Speaking of Mmmmm, she also made some gourmet chocolate stirring spoons and filled the mug with assorted candies.

Ah!  Spoiled me, she did; thank you sweet Jocelyn!

I think I'll do this again.