It's a little late - OK, a lot late - but finally here is my January Swap post!   Although it is too late to participate in February's, feel free to head over to Home School Blog Awards to read about past swaps and be on the lookout for the March swap sign-up.

My Swap Sister was Christina and what a cool package she pulled together! January Swap Gift Poor Christina spent more than twice on postage what the entire gift was supposed to cost.

She sent:  Superman Valentine cards for the boys to give to their friends, a Safari animal Origami set that my youngest son descended upon like a Hawk after a lame bunny, several pocket folders (what home schooling family can't use pocket folders?) a "year-round tomato" kit (Christina is a gardener!), index cards (which is third on my list of most purchased items, right after toilet paper and Clorox wipes), some very pretty stationary which reminded me I have several letters to write to family, AND these really pretty wooden storage boxes which look like old books and are decorated with an embossed copy of a Byzantine era Jesus mosaic similar to this. Jesus Mosaic

It was quite a haul!

My gift to Christina was mailed about a week late, as I had procrastinated and then got sick...a good lesson in why NOT to procrastinate.   Of course, I pretty much know the why not, my problem is in the do not.

I sat out the February round, but hope to join in the March fun.  The boys sure get a kick out of opening the packages and there are, invariably, enough goodies for them to share.