Yep, I’ve been off the blog wagon so long now that I don’t even know where to begin.  I’d been waiting on a Joomla upgrade, which my husband said he’d do for me, as well as a blog face lift – which my husband also said he’d do for me.  Unfortunately, he has to take care of his paying customers, first, so, if I continue to wait until I can debut a new blog then a whole lot of things could happen, like the Rapture or a government shut-down of the internet or a solar flare that wipes out all ability to electronically communicate or a meteor might fall into my lap as I sit on the sofa and I’d have neglected to share all this important stuff and your life would be utterly incomplete.


We can’t have that.


With that in mind, it’s time to flex this stiff, atrophied writing muscle and see what a little exercise might do.   This might take a while.


Speaking of writing:  National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo) is coming up again in November.  I have an idea and, as you may well remember, that’s really all you need to get a novel started.   A coffee IV drip, 2-3 hours less sleep per night and 2000 or so words a day for 30 days is all you need to get the novel finished.  My last year’s “winner” is right where I left it last November.


Oh and I’m on the author list at HSBA Post - home of the 6th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards.  Check it out when you get a minute.


Speaking of homeschooling, we started our school year in mid-August and have been moving forward at a respectable pace.   Alex is in 7th grade, Chris is in 5th.   We’ve added a goodly amount of work to the schedule over past years.  In addition to Tapestry of Grace for history, literature, geography and worldview, we’re using Saxon math, Introductory Logic, Latina Christiana, Michael Clay Thompson’s language arts products (more on that, later) and various resources from Robinson Curriculum.  Oh, and Heart of Wisdom Bible study stuff as well as Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).   That’s the lot of stuff that I’ll be reviewing and discussing over the next several months.


What else?  Oh, on God:  I’m back in BSF this year for their new Isaiah study.  Not only that, but I’m back in leadership in the school program.  Honestly, it’s really nice to be back.  Several of the ladies I served with a couple years ago are still there and I missed their presence in my life.  God is good.


Well, this was a random dump of a post.  Maybe now that I’ve stuck my big toe back in the water, I’ll be ready to come back full swim…er, swing.