Here are two fun words to add to your vacab cache:


pronunciation:  grood-uhlz (or, like oodles and noodles)

definition:  According to my trusty Balderdash cards, it means leftover food.  However, I've not been able to confirm that definition through any but the "urban" dictionary, so I guess it qualifies as slang.  I did find that there is a designer breed of dog called groodle which is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.  There is also the spoodle and the labradoodle, if you're into designer dogs.  I've always called a cross-bred dog a "mutt;"  now, I feel like I should feed our own dog, Pumpkin, premium food. 

For our purposes, let's go with groodles as leftovers.

Which brings me to my next word: 


pronunciation:  ram-feez-uld

definition:  exhausted

I think these two words go perfectly together:

"What's for dinner, Mom?"
"Yes, groodles, I'm ramfeezled."