For years I considered Easter to be one of those - meh, religious - holidays that could come or go and I wouldn't care either way.

Then, one day, I got it.

I got that God humbled himself and was born into this fallen world as the man Jesus. He lived our lives, suffered our sufferings, toiled as we do - only he did it without falling short of God's standards...he lived it perfectly. He taught others who God really is and how He desires to reconcile every man, woman and child back to Himself.

Good Friday.

Jesus allowed the very people who should have worshipped him to instead beat, torture and slay him in the most horrific way. He died, sufficiently paying the wage of sin for all mankind. He was sealed inside a tomb for three days then lifted himself from among the dead to prove that he is who he says he is - and will do whatever he says he will do. All who humbly seek Him will find Him and all who cling to Him are justified to spend forever with Him.

Amazing.  Now that I get it...I can't get over it.

Go, meet with God this Good Friday and I pray you all a blessed Easter!