"How are you today, did you find everything okay?" asked the checkout clerk.

"I'm great!  Yes I did and how are you?"

"Just peachy!"

"You're itchy?"

"Bitchy?  I didn't say bitchy!" she said, "I'd never say 'bitchy' to a customer!" 

I laughed, "No!  I know you wouldn't say that, I thought you said 'itchy'!"

"Oh, no, I'm not itchy."

"Great, well, I hope your weekend is just peachy!"

Chuck tells me about the new marketing collateral he and his Administrative Assistant have been pulling together. 

The company tag line is, "IT just got easier!"  Sounds great, so far.  The brochure continues to tout all the great things Capstone Works will do to manage your small business IT, like first, take an inventory of your business asses.

You know, Chuck, no wonder we're so misunderstood.