I felt a twinge of Spring Fever a couple of days ago when I spotted a patch of bluebonnets by the side of the road.  It's easy to catch it as the days are getting longer, warmer and greener. 

That reminded me it's almost time for swimsuits and sleeveless tops. 

I took off my clothes and turned in front of the bathroom mirror.  Aside from pork-hock legs, a rear-end that looks like someone stuffed 5 gallons of cottage cheese into 1 gallon zip-locks, and a belly that casts enough shadow to shade our backyard, I was reminded of a recent conversation with my son:

On our way to church Chris asked me if all girl animals have "puffs." 

"Well, yes, more or less," I answered.

"Do they all use their 'puffs' to feed their babies?"


"How come dogs' puffs aren't big, like yours?"

"Uh, I don't know, I guess it would be hard for them to get around."

"So, it's not hard for you to get around with those two big dinner plates stuck to your belly?"

I turned to my laughing husband, "Are you laughing about my 'dinner plates'?"

"Ah, no," he snorted, "I was laughing about the 'stuck to your belly' part."

I'm not looking forward to swimsuits and sleeveless tops.  In fact, this is when I long to live back north where there is still another good month or two of winter hibernating.