A song keeps playing through my mind.  It’s a poem called “One Art by Elizabeth Bishop which was set to music by Israeli musician David Broza.


The art of losing isn’t (too) hard to master.  So many things seem filled with intent to be lost.


Isn’t that the truth?  Don’t you feel like you lose something every day?  I lose my keys, shoes, my train of thought.  I forget why I put down whatever I was working on to walk to the linen closet.


I lose my temper, patience, my nerve and, at times, my joy.


I’ve lost my way.


I’ve lost family and friends, confidence, self-control and my balance.


Oh, and money, time and energy...and bladder control.

I've lost my steam.

My waistline.


Yet, no matter how hard I practice, I just can’t seem to lose fifteen lousy pounds.