Homeschooling is fun and doesn't have to be expensive.  Rather than lay down cash for some high-priced curriculum, use whatever resources are handy.    Your home school should be flexible.  If Dad has the day off, give the kids a special treat by letting him teach a lesson or two.

Class:  Sales 101

Skill(s):  practical living, psychology, art

Boys, the most important lesson you need to learn in life is summed-up perfectly here on this coffee mug:  "No One Knows How Good You Are Until After The Sale.  Before They Buy, They Only Know How Good Your Marketing is"Final Sale Coffee Mug

Your mother, for example, knew the power of marketing.  This is one of the outfits she wore when we were dating...

Final Sale - Before









Compare that to what you see her wearing now, after 10 years of wedded bliss, 2 perfect kids and 40 lbs of growing contentment...

Final Sale - After

"I'm the Mom, That's why!"

Class dismissed.