25,118 Words, 19 days in.

That’s nearly 13,000 words behind my 2000/day word goal, but only 6,555 behind the NaNo goal of 1667/day.  So a couple of stellar writing days and I should be back on track.

I bet you expected I'd fall off the wagon.  Oh, you know me so well.  I refuse to quit, though.  Still being dragged along by a tether, battered but furously kicking my legs to get back on my feet.   

As for the story, it continues to travel places I hadn’t anticipated.  Some of the paths are predictable and not very interesting, but some of them are new and full of potential.  I’m really looking forward to getting this thing written, letting it simmer for a couple of months then working through the editing process.

It looks like I’ll be packing the AlphaSmart NEO with me on our trip to Florida.  Did I purposely sabotage my efforts to get ahead just so that I’d have an excuse to stay in and write while Chuck and the boys entertain my in-laws?

That's mean.  Stop it.